Modin 0.5.4 release notes

Modin 0.5.4 release notes

This release contains many performance enhancements and minor bugfixes. Several new features were also added this release.

Bugfixes + Pandas Concordance (:bug: + :panda_face:)

  • Fix sorting for MultiIndex (#705)
  • Fix parallel read_sql on Postgres tables (#707)
  • Add fix for axis_partition operations after a join/concat (#704)
  • Fix case where SQLAlchemy connections are passed in to read_sql (#712)
  • Fix index mismatch for add (#710)
  • Fixes indexing with boolean list in loc (#735)
  • Default to pandas on MultiLevelIndex reset_index (#739)

New Functionality :sparkles:

  • reading gzipped csv files (#682)
  • Add support for text manipulation operations (#713)
  • Add support for dot (#719)
  • Add to_numpy method (#718)
  • Read_csv with compression “bz2”, “zip”, and “xz” (#722)

Backend enhancements + Performance :rocket:

  • Improve performance of __setitem__ on new column (#701)
  • Improve fillna performance depending on arguments passed in (#709)
  • Add metadata to be returned by operations along entire axis (#699)
  • Add a way to compute pre-compute metadata on read_csv (#714)
  • Add metadata to object when reading from parquet (#716)
  • Improve performance of dtypes computation by collecting at data ingest (#717)
  • Update partition width calculation for read csv with a ray engine (#728)
  • Add to_numpy to Frame Manager, Query Compiler, and BaseDataFrame (#726)

Code Quality :100:

  • Change datamanager to querycompiler (#702)
  • Code quality/reorganize query compiler (#706)

Dependencies :link:

  • Update ray version to 0.7.1 (#697)

Contributors this release

The following users contributed code to Modin since the last release.

@dulinda (First time contributor) :star2:
@RehanSD (First time contributor) :star2:
@williamma12 (Maintainer)
@devin-petersohn (Maintainer)

:tada::tada: Thank you! :tada::tada: