Modin 0.5.3 release notes

Modin 0.5.3

@devin-petersohn devin-petersohn released this now

Modin 0.5.3 release notes

This release includes several fixes to regressions and documentation. We also have preliminary support for an autoscaling cluster (#661). Performance groupby + sum , count , and other dimension reducing operations was increased by up to 10x from the previous implementation (#659).

Bugfixes + Pandas Concordance (:bug: + :panda_face:)

  • Fix usecols when the string name of the column is provided (#652)
  • Fixes full axis reduce functions with empty row and/or column partitions (#663)
  • Fix memory_usage() for transposed dataframes (#662)
  • Default to pandas when trying to get tuple from Series (#689)
  • Fix dtypes on empty dataframes calls to to_pandas (#688)

New Functionality :sparkles:

  • Initial ray autoscaler support (#661) :tada:

Backend enhancements + Performance :rocket:

  • Improve performance of Groupby (#659) :tada:
  • Fix internal indices calculation for non-compute partitions (#691)

Documentation :bookmark_tabs:

  • Update documentation for DataFrame methods (#643)
  • Update Documentation structure (#665, #666, #667, #668)
  • Update utilities documentation for pandas on ray (#669)

Testing :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Remove extraneous teardown module for parquet (#648)

Regressions :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:

  • Fix binary operations after transpose (#676)
  • Fix issue with sort_values after transpose (#679)
  • Fix concat when QueryCompiler is transposed (#681)
  • Fix concat with all Series and axis=1 (#684)
  • Fix how we compute the block_widths/lengths after single update (#693)

Contributors this release

The following users contributed code to Modin since the last release.

@williamma12 (Committer)
@devin-petersohn (Admin)

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