Modin 0.5.1 release notes

Modin 0.5.1 release notes

This release includes performance improvements for indexing (loc, iloc, etc.) and some minor bugfixes.

Bugfixes + Pandas Concordance (:bug: + :panda_face:)

  • Fix usecols when header=None (#622)
  • Fix shallow copy (#631)
  • Replace read_pandas with ParquetDataset to support predicate pushdown (#638)
  • Support boolean indexers and other properties in loc (#635)
  • Fix hdf error checking (#639)
  • Read partitioned parquet files (#632)

Backend enhancements + Performance :rocket:

  • Add fastrack for slices when step=None (#614)
  • Make indexing faster (#613)

Dependencies :link:

  • Bump ray version to 0.7.0 (#623)

Regressions :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:

  • Fix Series.getitem with a slice (#615)
  • Fix apply error checking for functions that require certain types (#617)

Contributors this release

The following users contributed code to Modin since the last release.

@ddutt (First time contributor) :star2:
@williamma12 (Committer)
@devin-petersohn (Admin)

:tada::tada: Thank you! :tada::tada: