Modin 0.4.0 Release Candidate

Modin 0.4.0rc1 released to pypi

We have released the Modin 0.4.0 release candidate to pypi, it can be installed with:

pip install --pre modin.

Please open any issues you run into, or email them to

Modin 0.4.0rc1 release notes

This is a release candidate. Please test with existing workflows to ensure correctness.

Bugfixes + Pandas Concordance (:bug: + :panda_face:)

  • Correct support for drop_duplicates (#466)
  • Fix issue by properly handling parse_dates (#473)

User experience :bust_in_silhouette:

  • Update pandas version to 0.24 (#451) :tada:

New functionality :star:

  • parallel to_sql() (#461)

Backend enhancements + Performance :rocket:

  • Remove arguments causing errors with Ray 0.7.0 (#472)
  • Create Base Query Compiler object for query compilers (#448)
  • Fix inheritance of constructor for PandasQueryCompilerView (#478)

Testing :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Add additional testing for API compatibility. (#480)

Contributors this release

The following users contributed code to Modin since the last release.

@williamma12 (Committer)
@eavidan (Committer)
@devin-petersohn (Admin)

:tada::tada: Thank you! :tada::tada: