Modin 0.3.1 released!

Modin 0.3.1 release notes

This release contains a few minor bugfixes and code reformatting. It also includes some enhancements for the user and improved testing.

Bugfixes + Pandas Concordance (:bug: + :panda_face:)

  • Fix issue with MultiIndex in reindex (#427)
  • Fixing memory usage in containers (#446)
  • Fixing issue with duplicated rows when looping through groupby object (#459)

User experience :bust_in_silhouette:

  • Fix issue where some users have to install Dask to run Modin (#434)
  • Ignore numpy version error. (#445)
  • Removing path and line number from warnings. (#447)
  • Add typing to dependencies (#462)

New functionality :star:

  • read_hdf() support to ‘fixed’ format (#440)
  • DataFrame.drop_duplicates (#433)
  • First initiative to distribute the read_sql() method. (#436)

Backend enhancements + Performance :rocket:

  • Add a way to skip the initial reindex phase for left and right (#425)

Code Refactor :100:

  • Fix flake8 errors exposed by update of flake8 (#442)
  • Remove the pandas dependency from BlockPartitions (#437)
  • Refactor Pandas Axis Partition objects to avoid duplicate code (#435)

Testing :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Add codecov to testing suite (#452)


  • Minor fixes and typos (#430, #431, #419, #450)
  • Add binderhub badges and rearrange badges (#443)
  • Fix incorrect email address in docs (#449)

Contributors this release

The following users contributed code to Modin since the last release.

@igorborgest (New contributor) :beginner:
@Kopurlso (Returning contributor) :star2:
@eavidan (Committer)
@devin-petersohn (Admin)

:tada::tada: Thank you! :tada::tada: